The Best Materials for Outdoor Furniture

The Best Materials for Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor dining set is made from premium aluminium and is powder coated to create an attractive outdoor furniture that can withstand exposure to the elements and prevent rust.

The Best Materials for Outdoor Furniture 

Basking under the warm sun, heating up the barbie and enjoying the company of family and friends whilst outdoors is a big part of the laid-back Australian lifestyle. That is why it is important to invest in stylish and durable outdoor furniture that allows you to comfortably host and entertain outdoors. Apart from style, it is important to consider the material of the outdoor furniture. Choose the material that is easy to clean, weatherproofed, and rust and pest resistant. The following are our recommended outdoor furniture material that is best suited for the Australian outdoors:


For outdoor chairs and tables


  • Powder coated Aluminium


Aluminium is a durable and lightweight material that is perfect for the outdoors. It is easy to maintain, resistant to pests, moulds and fungi and is able to withstand exposure to various weather conditions. Additionally, the powder coating process provides added durability as it protects the material from rust and UV light exposure.

  • Cast Aluminium


Outdoor furniture made from cast aluminium is a great addition to your outdoor space.  Cast aluminium is made of solid aluminium instead of aluminium tubes. This provides you with a solid outdoor furniture that is a heavier, but stronger and more durable. This type of material is rust proof and is able to last the test of time.


  • Synthetic Rattan Wicker


Wicker is a classic outdoor furniture chosen for its beautiful style. However, wicker from natural fibre is susceptible to pests, moulds and fungi. That is why we recommend using handwoven synthetic wicker, specifically wicker made with WinTech fibre. This material is carefully engineered to be weatherproof and is likewise resistant to UV light, pests, and fungus. Additionally, this durable material features remarkable tensile strength and is easy to maintain. 


From a style point of view, synthetic wicker made from WinTech fibre comes in a myriad of colours and styles. This makes synthetic wicker furniture a stunning addition to your outdoor patio, garden or poolside. 

For Stone Tables


  • Naturalstone


Naturalstone is an exquisite material for stone tables. This type of material is made from granite, marble or travertine stone sourced from Spain, Iran or Italy. It is then fused to a tough fiberglass and resin core to provide a strong, durable and stylish stone material that is treated to be resistant to water, stains and UV light exposure. Style wise, Naturalstone delivers as it features infinitely variable grains, fissures and stratas – which all adds to the exquisite vibe of the material.


  • Marmostone


Another attractive option is Marmostone. This type of material features a mix of 75% granite and 25% resin mix that is moulded into a core of fibreglass / resin sheet. This creates a strong and hard surface which is then treated with UV resistant sealant to make it stain and waterproof. This material presents an elegant and long lasting material that is well-suited for the Australian Outdoors.



For Outdoor Shades and Umbrellas


  • Sunbrella Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric


For outdoor shades, canopies made from Sunbrella Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric is ideal. This type of premium fabric is legendary in the industry as it is durable and fade-proof. Your outdoor shades will remain bright and stunning, even after years of use. Apart from its strong, fade-resistant properties, it also provides you with UPF 50+ or over 98% UV protection, thus allowing you to enjoy sunny days under its protective shade.


  • O’bravia Solution Dyed Canvas


This type of canvas offers remarkable durability and fade resistance and is only exceeded in quality by Sunbrella acrylic fabric. O’bravia canvas shades comes in various attractive colourways and offers UPF 50 or 98% UV protection.



Outdoor Living Sydney presents to you a fine selection of outdoor tables, chairs, dining sets, sofa sets as well as cantilever shades and umbrellas. Our premium selection of outdoor furniture uses the best materials that are perfectly suitable for the Australian Outdoors. Head on to our outdoor furniture online store to view our full range.  

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