Tips to Create an Outdoor Living Room

Tips  to Create an Outdoor Living Room

Tips  to Create an Outdoor Living Room

Bringing the party outdoors is a great way for you and your loved ones to bond and share wonderful moments. Nothing compares to the enjoyment of sharing summery cocktails while heating up the barbie outside during bright and sunny days or cool summer evenings with your family and friends. That is why it is important to create an eye-catching outdoor living area where you and your guests can enjoy each other’s company and get to wine and dine in style and comfort.


Consider the following tips:

Tip No. 1 Plan Your Space


Before anything else, consider your outdoor space. Doing this will allow you to plan the layout of your al fresco area, decide what type of outdoor furniture will you be needing and figure out the logistics when hosting a party – such as – ‘is the barbecue far enough from the dining area that the smoke won’t get in the way of the guests?’ or ‘will the layout of the outdoor furniture allow the guests to move around easily?’


Having this in mind will allow you create a proper, well-executed outdoor area that’s great for your weekend parties and dinners.


Tip No. 2 Comfort is Key


Now that you’ve planned your outdoor space, the next thing to think about is the comfort of your guests. Are the seats cushioned? Is the place well-shaded? Speaking of shade, make sure that your outdoor area is well-shaded.  When entertaining outside, it is important that you have a properly shaded area so your guests can stay cool and comfortable, even under the sun. Additionally, a shaded space will protect you and your loved ones from UV light exposure.


Pro-tip: A cantilevered outdoor shade is a smart and versatile addition to your outdoor area as its design allows you maximise the shaded space as it has no mast or central post. Check out some of our cantilevered


Tip No. 3 Select Proper Material


Be sure to choose materials that is perfect for the outdoors. Your outdoor chairs, tables and umbrellas must be able to withstand exposure to the elements. Outdoor furniture does not come cheap and that is why you need to choose something that will last.  Check out our article ‘Best Material for Outdoor Furniture’ (hyperlink) to learn more.

Tip No. 4 Play up your sense of style


You’ve now planned your outdoor area’s layout. You’ve ensured that your outdoor space is comfy and well-shaded. You’ve also decided to choose outdoor furniture materials that are suitable for the outdoor. The only thing left to do is … play up the style vibes of your outdoor area! Think of theme for your outdoor play and work from there! For instance, you’re thinking of something Parisian chic. Play out this design style with black cast aluminium chairs with lattice work in the back rest, paired with a stone table.  Looking for a Balinese resort style retreat? Why not go for a three-seater pagoda chair and flat wicker settings? Perhaps you want to do a modern, contemporary outback style? Then go for a powder coated aluminium outdoor table with a teak slat table top and round wicker chairs.


Transform your outdoor patio, garden or poolside into a stunning outdoor area built for the Australian lifestyle! At Outdoor Living Sydney, we carry a fine range of beautifully designed outdoor furniture that reflects the best and latest in outdoor trends around the world. Choose from chic and stylish wicker or cast chairs, stone or aluminium tables and brightly hued outdoor shades to create a truly cosmopolitan space where you can stylishly and comfortably entertain family and friends. Visit our outdoor furniture online store to view our entire range!


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